Northview Mission

Northview High School is a community of learners committed to achievement, independence and service.

Northview Vision

In partnership with parents, staff, students and community, we will assist students to become independent, responsible, productive citizens, and to maximize their personal potential for a successful future.

Notes from the Office

As you may know, Mrs. Stephanie Valleroy, Northview High School’s principal of over 13 years, has retired. Mrs. Valleroy’s vision for the school was leadership, hard work, and dedication to students and staff. This has made Northview the model of success that it is today. 

My name is Brian O’Connor and I will be the new principal at Northview. For those who may not have met me, I have served students as a teacher and principal of a high school similar to Northview for the past 14 years. 

It is with great pride and respect that I have accepted the principal position at Northview. I will strive to maintain the standards that Mrs. Valleroy has set forth for our students and promise to help our students achieve independence and success in our community. 

CEP national schools of character programsThe staff at Northview is planning a wonderful school year as well as many activities in order to give parents an opportunity to get involved in their child’s education. 

Northview will host a PTO meeting on Wednesday, November 9th, at 6:30 in our cafeteria.  I look forward to meeting you at the meeting.

Brian G. O’Connor