About the Music Therapy Department

  • Music therapy instruction Music therapy is a related service in which a board-certified music therapist provides individualized music interventions to assist educational/IEP goal attainment. The mission of the Music Therapy department is to facilitate student function and independence in the school setting by providing direct therapy to students, as well as support to teachers, parents and other IEP Team members through consultation, collaboration, and communication. 

    Direct service is when the music therapist targets IEP goals with the student present. Direct service may be considered if the student receives a significant motivation and/or assist from music therapy strategies provided in the music therapy setting. In addition, the student may respond best from strategies that only a music therapist can administer.

    Supports for school personnel consists of interactions with classroom teachers and other school staff with the intention of increasing the capacity of school staff to meet the needs of the student. This support also allows for direct communication with the student’s educational team and the development of music therapy strategies that would support the student’s progress on IEP skills.

    Benefits to Student Instruction

    • Increase targeted academic skills (eg. Reading, Writing, and Mathematics) 
    • Increase visual and physical attention to individuals and educational materials 
    • Assist expressive and receptive communication 
    • Provide structure and boundaries 
    • Increase on-task behaviors 
    • Be used as direct reinforcement 
    • Enhance memory/recall of information when addressing academic, social, behavioral, motor, and language skills 
    • Increase motivation, participation, and endurance for non-preferred or difficult tasks 
    • Provide a supportive, predictable structure for practicing skills 
    • Increase self-expression, both verbally and non-verbally 
    • Increase tolerance for multiple repetitions of a task within a short time frame 

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