Fall 2021 Update

  • Aug. 31, 2021- Even during the hot months of summer, Special School District’s Facilities and Operations is hard at work. Updates are happening across the District, as construction, replacements, and repairs are made. 

    SSD Facilities and Operations is responsible for 1.2 million square feet of building space under roof and 186 acres of grounds. CleverTouch smart board installation is happening in classrooms across the District, in collaboration with IT. Planning for new playground equipment is slated to happen across all schools in the coming years. Building specific updates include the following projects: 


    • Updates to outdoor kitchen, garden, greenhouse, and sheds
    • Planning the installation of a new outdoor walk-in freezer
    • Planning HVAC system upgrade


    • Construction to start fall 2021 on building relocation


    • Construction has begun on the Audiology department (to be completed in fall 2021)
    • Cafeteria remodel, including new flooring, paint, and LED lights
    • Classroom remodels


    • New cabinets in several classrooms
    • Installation of LED dimmer lighting in gymnasium
    • Repaving the walking track
    • Vegetable garden and hidden garden clean up
    • Planning for a front hall remodel

    North Tech

    • New asphalt through the campus, including a seal and stripe of all parking lots
    • Front office remodel has been completed 
    • Installation of benches under new front bus canopy
    • Retaining wall installation across entire front building elevation
    • Demolition of bullpen and shop fencing, installation of new fencing, shed roofs, and sheds for four shops
    • Audit completion of all shops and actively fixing code and safety issues
    • Playground planning for 2022-24

    South Tech

    • Major renovation of front office space, including a new security vestibule, office suite for adult education, bus/student entry, and canopy
    • Planning is underway to create an additional 40-50 parking spaces for Transportation
    • Playground planning for 2022-24


    • Installation of a memorial garden
      • Engraved pavers and memorial bench
    • Sound system installation in the newly remodeled gym
    • New lettered signage of the front bus canopy
    • Installation of outdoor staff dining area
    • Replacement of HVAC/cooling tower fence screen
    • Minor classroom remodels

    District Buildings

    • Learning Center
      • Installation of a new boiler
      • Interior updates, including paint refresh and chair rail installation in training and conference rooms
    • Central Bus Garage
      • Planning for building update
    • Central Office
      • Planning underway for remodel

Winter 2021 Update

  • Feb. 2, 2021 – While students were learning from home, SSD Facilities and Operations used the time to cross off some items on the District’s to-do list. Many updates have taken place in recent months. Taking advantage of the limited number of people in the buildings, the Facilities and Operations team made sure the buildings were in top condition for the return of students at the start of second semester.

    SSD Facilities and Operations is responsible for 1.2 million square feet of building space under roof and 186 acres of grounds. Districtwide updates have included roofing analysis, concrete replacement and updates, grounds projects, and ongoing maintenance and reporting for bio-detention, retention basins, and rain gardens.

    North Technical High School

    • Renovations to front office area, including the addition of 7 offices for administration, counseling, and a school resource officer room
    • Construction of a security vestibule and entryway
    • Front elevation upgrades
    • Construction of a new salt storage building
    • Interior updates, including new paint and room remodel, HVAC refresh, ADA handrail installation by library, backup generators for data/IT, collapsed drain repair, concrete repair, LED lighting upgrades, and new paging system installation
    • Exterior updates, including treeline clean up, tuckpointing, collapsed hillside repair and reinforcement, and speed bumps

    South Technical High School

    • New front security entrance/vestibule and office remodel under design
    • Interior updates, including paint and room remodels, updated LED lighting in several areas, and bathroom remodels
    • Exterior updates, including a new roof section, asphalting, parking lot patch and repairs, road widening, and a new bio-retention basin
    • Future updates include an office remodel and security vestibule installation, Bridges program space remodel, salt storage building construction, window replacement, and elevation upgrades

    Ackerman School

    • New ADA ramp connecting to North Tech
    • Interior updates, including painting in gym and cafeteria
    • Exterior updates, including asphalt patch, repair, seal, and stripe

    Litzsinger School

    • Remodeled conference room, 3 classrooms, nurse’s office, wellness room, bathrooms, offices, and a school resource officer room
    • Additional interior updates including new flooring through the Annex

    Neuwoehner High School

    • Interior updates, including new interior doors and hardware, and painting
    • Exterior updates, including asphalt patching and repair, seal and stripe

    Northview High School

    • Interior updates, including new signage
    • Exterior updates, including playground wheelchair swing and soft rubber playground surfacing, tree line clearing

    Southview School

    • Student walking path currently in progress
    • Interior updates, including installation of new security camera, remodel of SRO room, new paint, gymnasium updates (paint, divider curtain, padding, and Teraflex flooring)
    • Exterior updates, including a new bio-retention basin

    North Bus Garage

    • Asphalt repairs, including patch, seal, and stripe

    SSD Learning Center

    • Updated telescoping front entry
    • Interior updates including new glass wall ADA entry, updated Barcom security entrance for early childhood, new rooftop HVAC units
    • New boiler currently out for design and bid

    SSD Central Office

    • New cooling tower and pumps
    • Exterior updates, including asphalt seal and stripe, and facia covering
    • Space study and preliminary design concepts for entire interior remodel underway