2021 Lasting Impression Award Winners

  • It takes many different roles throughout SSD to achieve success for our students. Although teachers and paraprofessionals handle much of the direct interaction with students in the classroom, there are numerous other support staff personnel who complete the team that supports student success.

    Social workers, therapists, bus drivers, maintenance workers, administrators, and many more, all collaborate to provide the necessary resources to provide a lasting impression in the lives of our students.

    Those honored with the Lasting Impression Award are:

    • John Aleman, Speech-to-Text Captionist
      Cool Valley Innovation School & Countywide Deaf/Hard of Hearing Program, Ferguson-Florissant School District/SSD
    • Tamara Franks, Speech/Language Pathologist
      Ackerman School, SSD
    • Matt Gillam, Applied Behavior Analysis Associate/Teacher
      School District of Clayton and School District of University City
    • Mary Herbst, School Psychologist
      Districtwide, Brentwood School District
    • Ashley Jeralds, Sign Language Interpreter
      Hazelwood Central High School, Hazelwood School District
    • Sue Lackey, Occupational Therapist
      Districtwide, Parkway Schools
    • Kenny Mulder, Administrator
      Transportation, SSD
    • Julie Osherow, Assistive Technology Facilitator
      School District of Clayton, Ladue Schools, and Kirkwood School District
    • Jessica Salamon, Principal Secretary
      North Technical High School, SSD
    • Tatianna Ware, Social Worker
      Vocational Skills Program, SSD
    • Alan Wheat, Administrator
      Student Services, SSD