Ameren Skilled Craft Education Program

  • 2021 Special Ambassador Award Honoree

    Sometimes one small phone call can lead to big things. In the case of SSD’s partnership with Ameren, it all started when North Technical High School’s lead counselor Jeff Chandler reached out to an acquaintance who worked at Ameren. Chandler had a student in the Electrical Trades program who was interested in working with Ameren, so he made a call to a supervisor he knew at Ameren. Little did anyone know that this small act would lead to a 12-year partnership.

    In 2008, Ameren was looking to launch the Ameren Skilled Craft Education Program to offer training and post-secondary opportunities to high school students interested in electrical trades. When Chandler reached out, the connection was made to start the program at North Tech. Since then, the program has expanded to South Tech, and in total, approximately 50 students have gone on to gain employment at Ameren as a result of their participation in the program.

    The comprehensive program is led today by Nya Grimes, Ameren's senior human resources workforce specialist. It consists of several activities each month where Ameren personnel, including former tech school students, meet with seniors who are participating in the program. The current students have a strong connection to the presenters, knowing they were in their shoes just a few short years ago.

    In the 12 years of the program, Ameren's dedication has never wavered. For their commitment to SSD students both former and present, they are most deserving of the Special Ambassador Award.