Students Honored for Achievements

  • We are pleased to recognize the outstanding achievements of students who receive services from SSD with the Rosemary Zander Award.

    While this year’s annual Commitment to Kids banquet was cancelled due to COVID-19, we salute 20 exceptional students with the award.

    The Rosemary Zander Award has long recognized the accomplishments of students receiving services from SSD. Since 1988, students have been honored for success in a variety of categories – academics, arts, athletics, communications, vocational training, employment, independent living skills, community service and extracurricular activities. 

  • Anthony Ashby
  • Tamiah Bryant
  • Elizabeth Burton
  • Serenity Cole
  • Chase Coleman
  • Zachary Correa
  • Kalob Duncan
  • Aaliyah Farmer
  • Joseph Fisch
  • Rakhia Harrold
  • Mary Hefty
  • Steven Hollis
  • Jordan Kreitler
  • Ian Mannings
  • Logan Novotny
  • Jeremy Peters
  • Ethan Rahn
  • James Schrader
  • DeMaurie Upchurch
  • Faith Wildschuetz