Tamiah Bryant

  • Tamiah Bryant An early morning Zoom class is not a place one would expect to find radiant positivity from a high school student. But Tamiah Bryant isn’t just any student. She brings energy and enthusiasm wherever she goes. As a senior at Pattonville High School, she has made an impact on staff and students alike with her positive attitude and fun personality—even during early morning classes on Zoom.

    Tamiah receives employment training through SSD’s Community Based Vocational Instruction (CBVI) program, where she has shown improvements across the board.

    “After joining the CBVI program, Tamiah’s hard work, determination and positive attitude [were] able to shine,” said CBVI teacher Carrie Cobb. “With virtual learning taking place this year, Tamiah has taken the lead as a senior with a can-do disposition.”

    According to speech-language pathologist Victoria Carlson-Casaregola, Tamiah combines a personal warmth and a lively sense of humor to help her be resilient, face challenges and uplift others.

    “She has learned to use her strengths of a warm and friendly nature to connect with people in all kinds of situations, to face her own future and to help other students to see their potential,” said Carlson-Casaregola.

    With such a radiant personality, her future is very bright.