Kalob Duncan

  • Kalob Duncan With a calm and confident demeanor that enables others to feel comfortable and accepted when they’re around him, Kalob Duncan is a successful student and leader. A senior in the law enforcement program at South Technical High School, Kalob has proven himself to be dependable, responsible and reliable even in the most adverse and stressful situations.

    “Kalob has demonstrated a tremendous effort and growth throughout the last two years that he has been in the law enforcement program,” said law enforcement instructor Sue Gibbons. “He is an outstanding young man who is committed to being a successful police officer and serving his community.”

    In addition to succeeding in the law enforcement program, he successfully balances his time at his partner district school, working part-time, volunteering, and competing at the highest level as a wrestler at Parkway Central High School. He earned the captain position for his team and has placed in the top three at five different wrestling tournaments, including two national tournaments.

    Kalob plans to continue his education at the University of Central Missouri and study criminal justice. With his dedication and leadership, he will no doubt be successful in his future endeavors.