Steven Hollis

  • Steven Hollis Steven Hollis is a senior at Lindbergh High School and excels at nearly everything he does. He receives language and resource services through SSD, and has shown tremendous growth and achievement in the areas of communication, extracurricular activities and community service.

    In the area of communications, Steven has been a star student in terms of taking in information and using it to his benefit. He’s worked with his speech-language pathologist, Cindy Vincent Franquemon, on problem solving and finding ways to work with and approach others.

    “This work has really benefitted him as he is now much more comfortable, appropriate and fluid in conversing with his peers and his teachers,” Vincent Franquemon said.

    Steven is an active member in multiple bands at Lindbergh. Along with the marching band, he earned entry into the jazz and symphonic bands that require passing a tryout. His trumpet-playing skills have taken him to the Rose Parade, Disney Parade, St. Louis Thanksgiving Day Parade, Super-Regional Bands of America competition, Chicago Jazz Festival and much more. He is also active with Lindbergh Tech, where he participates in various drama productions at the school—primarily as a tech assistant and booth manager for sound and lighting for drama productions.

    Outside of school-sponsored activities, Steven is an active Boy Scout, having earned the honor of Eagle Scout in February 2020. His Eagle project benefitted the Foster and Adoptive Coalition’s Refresh Store in Brentwood. There he built six free-standing shelving systems out of wood, reworked a large display cabinet by adding adjustable shelves and built two large wooden carts to move merchandise between floors.

    “It has been my honor and privilege to be his teacher,” Vincent Franquemon said.