Jordan Kreitler

  • Jordan Kreitler Hard work and a positive attitude can go a long way, and Jordan Kreitler has embraced both to lead to great improvements in her academics. Jordan is an eighth-grader at Oakville Middle School and has been a member of the Wilson reading program group for three years. When she began the reading program, Jordan initially struggled and was frustrated even though she was trying her best.

    “I could really see Jordan ‘rewiring’ her brain to slow down and learn the procedures to help her learn strategies to improve her reading skills,” said her teacher, Bridget Albers.

    This school year, Jordan has assumed a leadership position in the group. She is an excellent model to the other students and uses the learned rules, strategies and routines that she worked so hard to develop. She brings a positive attitude, works hard and participates in class frequently. Additionally, Jordan has greatly increased her self-advocacy skills and confidence. She has begun asking for help more frequently when she needs it with her assignments.

    Lastly, Jordan is growing outside of the classroom, too. She has used her personal time to create pieces of art for her teacher and others in the school community.

    “I am so proud of the progress that Jordan has made during middle school,” Albers said. “She has made progress in so many different areas, and it is all because of her hard work and positive attitude.”