Logan Novotny

  • Logan Novotny When in doubt, Logan Novotny likes to say “let’s give it a try.” Now a fifth-grade student at Oak Brook Elementary in Parkway Schools, Logan was born with Agenesis of Corpus Callosum, a rare medical condition that means he is missing the connective tissue between the two hemispheres of his brain. When he came to Oak Brook as a kindergartener, his team wasn’t sure how he would do with school academics or what his social programming would look like. But at every step of the process, Logan was open to new opportunities—willing to give it a try.

    Even though learning can be difficult for him, Logan never gives up. He keeps a positive attitude and combines it with a healthy thirst for knowledge. He loves science and social studies, and he has become an expert on topics such as the Titanic, the musical group Queen, Washington DC, and Abraham Lincoln, just to name a few. He even learned to roller blade at school.

    “After a few tries, he was on his own with the entire gym cheering for him and celebrating his success,” said his teacher, Leslie Frasca.

    Outside of school, Logan spreads his warmth and kindness. He takes part in Tae Kwon Do, baseball games with his Challengers team, and musical performances with his School of Rock band, as well as family events. Even with a significant medical condition that impacts his muscle tone, agility, balance and coordination, he pursues new things and excels at them.

    “This is all possible because of his positive and charismatic attitude,” Frasca said. “There is not a person that Logan has met that is not affected by him. He shows kindness to everyone. He shows integrity with his daily choices. He shows perseverance academically, personally and socially every day.”