Jeremy Peters

  • jeremy petersSouth Technical High School law enforcement instructor Sue Gibbons often quotes author James Lane Allen, saying “adversity does not build character, it reveals it.” When classes quickly switched from in-person to online, Gibbons said Jeremy Peters revealed his true character—and it was remarkable.

    “I honestly do not know what those last few months of school would have looked like without Jeremy,” Gibbons said. “He was beyond dependable and reliable.” She added that while everyone was trying to navigate through unfamiliar and arduous terrain, Jeremy’s dedication was apparent as he made himself available at nearly any time of day to help maintain communication channels between everyone on the law enforcement team.

    Jeremy is not only a tremendous asset to the law enforcement program at South Tech, but he is also an active member of the St. Louis County Police Explorer program, where he holds the rank of captain. Now in his fourth year with the program, Jeremy competed in the National Police Explorer Conference and won second place in white-collar crime investigation. He has worked with the West County Chamber of Commerce, the St. Louis County Family Association, Back the Blue Organization, St. Louis County Police Welfare Association, St. Louis County Citizens Police Academy and the Affton Community Awareness Committee.

    Jeremy is also completing his senior year at Eureka High School and is planning to continue his education at Colorado State University where he intends to focus his studies on criminal justice and eventually become a police officer.