James Schrader

  • James Schrader When James Schrader came to Lindbergh High School as a freshman, there were concerns about his ability to communicate with his teachers and other students during the school day. He also struggled in the area of having perspective, which is being able to understand what others are thinking and feeling. Now a senior, James continues in communication therapy and serves as a mentor there to other students who were once in his shoes.

    As for communication, he now easily has great conversations with his peers and readily talks to teachers. He is a model communicator and has made tremendous progress in making friends. One of his favorite extracurricular activities is to work out at the gym. He not only is improving himself physically, but also making friends while he is there. Also, when he’s not in school or at the gym, he is active in the Boy Scouts—well on his way to earning his Eagle Scout Award.

    James has also found employment for the last two summers. He independently found a class in lifeguarding, took the class and then applied for a lifeguard job. He successfully got the job after working hard on learning how to interview, look for a job and make a resume.

    “I am so proud of James and his many accomplishments,” said his speech-language pathologist, Cyndy Vincent Franquemont. “I know that whatever he decides to do in his life, that he will be a success!”