Human Relations

  • “Children with disabilities are three times more likely than children without them to be victims of sexual abuse, and the likelihood is even higher for children with certain types of disabilities, such as intellectual or mental health disabilities.”  (VERA Institute of Justice, March, 2013)

    The VERA Institute also states that one strategy for ending sexual abuse of children with disabilities is sexual education as a means of prevention. We respect family choice in the manner of Sexual Education, but are required by the State of Missouri to provide sexual education and sexual health curriculum. With that task in mind, we have developed this site to assist general education staff, special education staff, and families in supporting and teaching sexual education and health to our students. In the following sections, you will find community resources including Board policies, School District curriculums, instructional resources including materials, accommodations and modifications, research and data, and on-demand professional learning to support teaching sexual education and sexual health.

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