Jeremy Absalon

  • Initially timid and reserved, Jeremy Absalon has transformed into a responsible, independent student who is also a class leader and role model. 

    Jeremy joined the Litzsinger family in 2020 with a diagnosis of autism. Since then, Jessica Quest says he has come out of his shell, establishing himself as a vital part of the Litzsinger community. 

    “Throughout quarantine, Jeremy showed strength and commitment, emerging from remote learning with new skills and a desire to embrace the use of his communication device,” she says. “Jeremy navigates his communication device with such ease to communicate his wants and needs, as well as to find answers. When the exact word is not available on his device, Jeremy cleverly compensates, finding replacement words to ensure he gets his message through. 

    “Since returning to in-person classes, Jeremy has also grown socially and academically, engaging with adults and peers and meeting short and long-term goals. He has increased his independent living and pre-vocational skills, and made progress in adaptive and social-emotional behavior skills, as he prepares for high school. He knows his schedule and follows it perfectly, he needs high expectations and craves responsibility, and he wants to be helpful. He thrives when he is handling tasks for the class, like serving as line leader or helping navigate the smartboard. The moment he walks into the room, he needs no prompt to start his day, he’s unpacked and sitting quietly, ready to learn. He keeps a clean work area, is always sure to push his chair in, keeps his reinforcers neatly tucked away, and meticulously completes his assignments.

    “Jeremy is also curious, he's always ready to try new tasks, new foods, and learn new life skills. Quick to raise his hand and answer questions, he also takes turns and gives his classmates a chance to answer. Jeremy loves to see others happy and is considerate of others' joy. He is happy when he’s at school and he shows it with his infectious smile, his clapping, and his seriously impressive high jump! 

    Jeremy is a young man whose hard work has transformed him into a role model, whose curiosity has transformed him into a star student, and whose independence will guide him on his journey into his future.