Anna Breihan

  • A senior in the Dental Sciences Program, Anna Breihan effortlessly models honesty, respect, and a strong determination to succeed. She is responsible, outgoing, kind, and diligent. She makes sure she is taking full advantage of her education and has maintained an A average the entire time she has been at South Tech.

    Anna excelled during virtual learning by being engaged in the virtual Zoom sessions, asking questions to make sure she fully understood the material. After class, she would stay online or send her teachers chat-room messages if she had questions. She consistently went above and beyond what was required of her. 

    She began working as a dental assistant for an orthodontist during her junior year to gain more experience in the dental field. Now a high school senior, she continues to spend her days in the office working mostly with kids, helping them achieve the smiles that bring them confidence. This experience undoubtedly has contributed to her high degree of professionalism and helps her model it for classmates at school.

    Seeing how well she has succeeded and how well she does in my class inspires other students to do the same. They see her putting on orthodontic bands and brackets for the Skills USA competition and it inspires them to want to work in an office to get a jumpstart on their own careers.  She also serves as an ambassador for the Dental Science Program, requiring her to take time out of her day to help with events such as South Tech’s virtual Open House.  She does this despite having a busy schedule at two schools, working two jobs, and volunteering to watch kids for the nursery at her church.

    After graduation from high school and the South Tech program, Anna intends to pursue higher education and a career in dental science.