Xavier Brown

  • When Xavier Brown came to Litzsinger as a second-grader, he had behaviors such as non-compliance, physical aggression, and verbal aggression. Now in eighth grade, he has worked hard to learn coping strategies to help him manage his emotions. Kari Hei says he has made amazing progress, but the last year of growth has been truly outstanding.

    Just last year, Xavier was still having some difficulty with starting and completing non-preferred activities and taking ownership of his actions. Learning that actions are choices and accepting that just because he is mad at someone does not mean that he has to lash out at them physically or verbally was tough for him to grasp. This year, however, he has taken full responsibility for his actions and has made good choices. 

    Not only is he staying in class, but Xavier is also completing all his work. His academics have improved to the point that he is engaging in grade-level curriculum with accommodations. He is making the choice to give all the work a try and ask for assistance when needed. When he is feeling overwhelmed or frustrated, he asks for a break, takes about five minutes, and then gets back to work. 

    Xavier has become a leader who other students admire and seek out for advice. He makes himself available to help students when he sees them getting frustrated. Younger students can count on him for assistance in class and on the playground. He has become a shining example of a student who has put in the hard work, and it has paid off.  He is an intelligent young man who is applying himself and seeing what he can actually do.