Paul Davey

  • Paul Davey is known throughout the Pattonville High School community as a vivacious, animated, and memorable guy who brings joy to those around him through his artistic talents and sense of humor. 

    Like so many other students, Paul struggled with the overwhelming changes that happened in the transition from middle school to high school. A student with a diagnosis of autism, he indicated to his teachers he felt most comfortable expressing himself through art. With the help of the PHS Art Department as well as Speech-Language Pathologist Victoria Carlson-Casaregola, he was able to develop a robust art portfolio with many impressive pieces. Now a senior, Paul has shown tremendous growth and progress through his self-regulation, self-expression, peer relationships, and personal talents.

    One of the pieces in Paul's art portfolio is a hand-drawn character he calls “Joe PHS.” This character, which Paul designed as his alter ego, is layered onto photographs of real places in and around PHS. His illustrations are inserted into publications that help new students acclimate to high school. The character is featured in freshman orientation materials as well as Pattonville Today, the school newspaper. 

    Paul leads projects related to art throughout the school community. Recently, the government class was making sidewalk drawings demonstrating different government processes. Many of the students watched him in amazement as he created unique fonts, all from his head, and creative representations of government processes. Teachers and students alike appreciate how he effectively expresses himself through art.

    In addition to his work at school, Paul has also started creating custom cards for individuals living in assisted living and nursing homes, as well as making commissioned cards for people he knows. His use of art to connect with others is evidence of the charismatic, talented, and thoughtful individual he has become. He makes a lasting impression on any individual he encounters. 

    "He is one of the most memorable people I will likely work with in my career," said Harr.