Dominic Erb

  • Dominic Erb is a popular guy in all his Neuwoehner classes because he takes time to thoughtfully listen and respond to classmates, even when it can be challenging for him to understand. 

    His teacher assistant, Sharon McGuirk, describes Dominic as a young man with a heart of gold. This characteristic undoubtedly helped him win the treasurer’s position on the Neuwoehner Student Council.  He was both serious about this endeavor and dedicated to his campaign for election. Now in charge of maintaining the council budget and fundraising events, he ensures the funds collected are used responsibly and in accordance with the council’s regulations.

    In every class, Dominic is always on task and participatory. He has maintained 100% on his daily activity sheets all year. His teachers are proud of his hard work, politeness, and dedication to success. For his classmates, he is a positive role model of how a high schooler should interact in class and the community. 

    Dominic works at The Alpine Shop as a participant in SSD’s Community Based Vocational Instruction Program. In that role, he makes an impact on shoppers and his coworkers through his hard work and polite interactions. He goes out of his way to hold open the door as he greets customers and thanks them for visiting. If a classmate needs some help or encouragement, he's readily available. 

    After high school, Dominic hopes to find a position where he can work with animals– one of his favorite places to visit is the World Bird Sanctuary in St. Louis County. He will also be taking advantage of a summer work education program. He is always open to new challenges and making new friends in his ever-widening community.