Ava Giles

  • A high-achieving student and a great role model for her classmates, Ava Giles has come far on her journey as a student and community leader.

    Ava is a senior at Lindbergh High School and has an educational diagnosis of autism. Her case manager and communications teacher, Cyndra Vincent Franquemont, says Ava has improved her ability to have conversations, make friends, and manage social problem-solving during the past four years. She has been a great role model to other students, treating all with kindness, concern, and respect regardless of their challenges. 

    She has participated in numerous community service programs. As a Girl Scout, she cleaned creeks and packaged school supplies for those in need. At summer band camp, she has clocked 50 hours as a tutoring assistant and mentor to younger students.

    A devoted student of music, Ava uses music as a way to provide beauty and healing to the world. She has been a member of the symphonic, marching, and concert bands; the Jazz Lab; and the pit orchestra for the school musical. She has also been a member of the prestigious St. Louis Children’s Choir since 2013.

    As a student leader, Ava was one of 20 students selected to participate in the Fred Saigh Leadership Program. The curriculum introduces, fosters, and develops leadership skills by involving students in issues that face the community. At the completion of the program, the students return to their respective schools equipped to campaign for school offices, manage school projects, and assume leadership positions.

    Ava received the Renaissance Award for the past four years. For three of her four high school years, she received an award for perfect attendance and a GPA of 3.5+. In 2021, the Kiwanis Club chose her as their “Student of the Month” for October.