Brianna May

  • Great student leaders are not just goal-orientated and academically talented, they are students whose peers can depend on when times are tough. They can be relied on to listen thoughtfully and offer guidance and encouragement. 

    Brianna May has taught her peers that it is okay to not always feel okay. She has modeled for them that using mental health resources available at school is a great way to help them get the help they need. It can be difficult for people to self-advocate about their mental health, but Brianna has this strength and it makes her stand out as a role model among her peers. 

    In addition to her brazen willingness to speak up about topics like mental health, Brianna is an exceptional, charismatic student known for her passion for animals and her motivation to learn. She is always ready and willing to get hands-on, no matter the task at hand. She has never been afraid to jump in and get dirty, especially when it means she will learn a new skill. She is a hard worker, a kind human being, and a natural leader in the Veterinary Assistant Program. 

    Now in her last year of high school, Brianna has shown her classmates the importance of maintaining a professional-personal life balance, and that, with persistence and determination, you can achieve success and accomplish your goals.