Joseph Presson

  • Joey Presson has the magical gift of lighting up any room with his contagious smile, positive attitude, and good nature. He cares about people and is very empathetic of others and their feelings and is a good friend and role model to his peers. 

    Putting the feelings of others first comes naturally to Joey. As a result, he demonstrates the tenets of Southview’s Positive Behavior Intervention and Support program. Students earn accolades when they are caught being positive and showing good behavior.

    The story of Joey is one of personal growth, IEP success, and staying positive throughout his journey. He used to be viewed as the sweet boy who took care of his beloved Kermit the Frog collection, was a wonderful improvisational actor, and an awesome dancer. Under that outward appearance, they did not see that Joey faced his share of struggles. 

    As a people pleaser, Joey went out of his way to keep people happy, sacrificing his own needs. He would too often just sit quietly when needing help, letting a peer’s comments hurt his feelings, too nervous to speak up for his own wants and needs.

    With guidance and more self-awareness, Joey began to work on his struggles. He transitioned from a happy boy into a strong and confident young man. He asks for help when he needs it and assertively asks his peers to stop if they invade his personal space or hurt his feelings. Learning to self-advocate is a significant achievement, but he made it happen. 

    Matt Mueller, a Southview teacher, says knowing Joey has been life changing. 

    “As a Southview MVP, Joey's value to our school and community cannot be measured,” he says. “His attitude, kindness, and contagious smile make us better people in his presence.”