Brady Schnable

  • In the four years Brady Schnable has been a student at Pattonville High School, he has gone from a young boy who required frequent prompting, guidance, and reassurance to one who can complete many tasks and has become a leader in the top tier of the Community Based Vocational Instruction Program. 

    Brady was born with many medical issues that impacted his ability to be at school throughout his academic career. But, despite all his hospital stays and medical concerns, he progressed in his education with perseverance and determination.

    During his sophomore year, Brady started working second-hour jobs in Pattonville as a trial to see if he would be a good candidate for the CBVI program. Throughout that first year, he completed task analyses and developed as a leader. Because he adjusted so well, he was able to enter the program’s middle-tier during his junior year. 

    Unfortunately, the COVID-19 school closure had a much bigger impact on Brady than many other students. Because he was at exceptionally high risk, he stayed home for the majority of the 2020-2021 school year. However, he used the time effectively to gain new levels of independence.  Rather than performing tasks at school, he began developing independent living skills out of necessity, which translated into a high level of confidence and independence when he returned to school in April 2021.

    During his senior year, Brady started working in the top tier of the CBVI program at the YMCA. At that site, he has continued to develop self-reliance, persistence, resilience, bravery, and initiative. He is known throughout his program as a reliable and consistent participant and has gained the trust and admiration of those who have been able to see him grow within the program. If Brady’s trajectory is on the same track as it has been the last four years, he is destined for great things. For students who have doubts about their abilities, he provides the inspiration they need to find a positive attitude and accept proper guidance for further growth.