This is Dental Sciences

  • Course Description

    Students are immersed into clinical experience in both the classroom and through internships available during the senior year. Our modern operatory includes real-world tools and equipment which allow students to conduct mock exams and perform X-rays, preventative and restorative practices, and emergency care.

  • Prerequisites at the Time of Junior Year Enrollment

    Minimum of 7 core credits (1.5 must be English, 1 must be Science); on track to graduate

  • Credits & Certifications Offered

    High School Credit
    • 2 CTE, 1 Science Year One
    • 3 CTE Year Two


    • The DANB's (Dental Assisting National Board) Missouri Test of Basic Dental Assisting Skills (MBDA)
    • Permit to Assist in the Administration of and Monitor Nitrous Oxide Analgesia
    • CPR Certification
    • OSHA Healthcare Certification

    *College credit and certification are not guaranteed. Their attainment is dependent on student performance in both the course and on external 
    industry assessments. All certifications are through external agencies and the accommodations permitted will vary from assessment to assessment. Additionally, students must participate in the full two years of the program to be potentially eligible for all certifications listed.
  • How Will My Time Be Spent? 


    Program Year Classroom Time Lab Time
    CTE Year One 76% or more 25% or less
    CTE Year Two 51%-75% 26%-50%
  • Tech is Real World Learning

    Students in this program learn through the use of a variety of industry-grade tools and equipment and texts. Their real-world labs also require uniforms and personal protective equipment.

    Tools & Equipment

    • Medical records and technology
    • Sterilization equipment
    • Medical emergency and vital sign assessment equipment
    • Evacuation equipment
    • Lab equipment
    • Restorative/preventative dentistry equipment and instruments
    • Various handpieces, cotton pliers, intraoral mirror, and other delicate tools

    Academic Materials

    • Modern Dental Assisting, 12th Ed. - a postsecondary text used in college-level programs
    • OSHA training texts
    • Google Classroom and Google Slides

    Uniform Requirements

    • Scrubs of any pattern/color and a lab jacket
    • Closed-toe shoes
  • Essential Skills Needed for Success

    Students learn the entry-level skills necessary to prepare for post-secondary education and the highly competitive world of work. Traditionally, successful students have mastered the processing and/or physical skills listed below prior to enrollment.

    Core Essential Skills

    • Analyzing information and evaluating results to choose the best solution and solve problems

    • Enjoy helping others; Service oriented; the desire to serve the community

    • Have a basic knowledge of biology and chemistry

    • Learn new vocabulary and Latin roots; spell correctly

    • Read and comprehend postsecondary text

    • Follow and complete multi-step directions

    • Communicate information and ideas in speaking so others will understand

    • Communicate information effectively with peers and instructor

    • Make precisely coordinated movements of the fingers of one or both hands to grasp, manipulate, or assemble very small objects

    • Able to keep your hand and arm steady while moving or in a stationary position and able to quickly grasp, manipulate, or assemble objects

    For a complete list of essential skills, please review the Course Overview Guide.

  • Kayli Carlton
    Dental Sciences Instructor
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