Equitable Student Programming and Placement

  • Special School District will provide equitable programming (for) and placement (of) its students across the county.

    While SSD is fortunate to service such a broad, diverse community, it brings a strong obligation for us to ensure that our work provides equitable access to learning for all situations. Having multiple sites, multiple programs, and individual learning plans makes this a considerable challenge. It would be easy to do the same thing for everyone in every site and all programs, but not everyone needs the same things. So we must ever strive to modify our environments and actions so students can be their best selves. 

    Equity across sites and programs requires professionals' diligence to scrutinize their beliefs, words, and actions intensely. The focus of the action plan in this area is around the deep study of topics across sites and programs to check for inequities, plan actions, and use data from our students to illuminate the success of decreasing inequities.

Questions to Consider

    • What assumptions are we making about the program/placement that we need to verify or unpack? 
    • How well does staff reflect the diversity of the community we serve?
    • To what extent does programming reflect the diverse needs of our students, community, and business? What knowledge, skills, experience, and diversity would enhance our capacity to be more relevant and ensure our students are post-secondary ready?
    • What bias-free and inclusive criteria are we using when determining placement and programming decisions?
    • To what extent are we consistently using our current tools: the change of placement, intervention selection process map, and others?
    • What artifacts and data are we using to support our decisions?