Equitable Support Services

  • Special School District will provide equitable counseling, related services, and support services that reflect the principles of equity.

    Equitable services are the heart of SSD's purpose and are encapsulated in the student's individualized educational plan (IEP). SSD provides a wealth of support services, which are different for each child. While each of these is available to be placed in the student’s program at any time, it is nuanced evaluation and planning that creates the successful program of academic and other supports to address the individual student’s needs. 

    Support services include, but are not limited to, occupational therapy, physical therapy, physical assistance, work with counselors or social workers, school psychologists, speech therapists, language therapists, etc. This group also includes those who support students daily in the classroom, paraprofessionals, and those who support the operational side of the District. In a process related to need, systemic attention must be given to processes for assuring all services needed are provided. 

Questions to Consider

    • To what extent do related service providers, operational staff, support staff, and paraprofessionals have the knowledge and skills to work sensitively and effectively with individuals from diverse backgrounds?
    • How well do related service providers, operational staff, support staff, and paraprofessionals represent the diversity of the population we are engaging? What steps can we take to ensure that we are inclusive of a wide diversity of perspectives? 
    • How do we utilize support systems for individuals who have experienced trauma?
    • Have we considered ways to reduce barriers in the support process to make it more welcoming and friendly (i.e. physically accessible, tone of location, anonymity, confidentiality, scheduling)?