Equitable Professional Learning

  • Special School District will provide professional learning, resources, and follow-up (high-quality professional learning feedback evaluation) for all District personnel.

    Three components are critical to our ability to grow in our understanding of equity and to take action to create more equitable environments and learning opportunities. These components - diversity, assumption, and inclusion - focus our initial learning that will be used throughout our equity work. 

    Professional learning opportunities, follow-up coaching, and partnering will help participants explore these concepts in relation to themselves and how they view the world. As their worldview becomes more nuanced, participants are better at seeing unconscious and unintended inequities and can plan how to address them so that all students are successful. 

Questions to Consider

    • How will participants develop competency and skills to work sensitively and effectively with individuals from diverse backgrounds?
    • Are barriers addressed, such as safety, language, accessible location, time, religious observances, cultural appropriateness, and accommodations?
    • Have we integrated the diverse perspectives of people who have specific equity concerns or needs, even if they may not be obvious (e.g. LGBTQIA+ identifies, dietary, auditory, language needs or preferences, accommodations, and abilities)?
    • Is the content sensitive to the participants who may experience systemic barriers or injustices?
    • Does the content include the perspectives or participants, stakeholders, or staff who will be learning and using the professional development learning objectives in their work? 
    • Are all personnel provided opportunities for meaningful discussion around the professional development topic or resource?
    • In the evaluation of the training, do we ask if there were barriers to participation or whether they found the facilitator to be inclusive of the diversity of the participants?