Research Collaborations

  • Consistent with our mission and values, SSD supports research designed to better understand and improve outcomes for individuals with disabilities. A sample of current collaborations with university researchers are shown below. Studies are actively seeking student and family participants where noted. Click on the drop-down arrow next to the name of each collaborator for additional information regarding the research (if available).

Studies Seeking Participants

  • Autism Genetics Program: Increasing the Representation of Human Diversity

  • Clinical Validation of Hearing-aid Candidacy and Outcome Measures for Children with MBHL

  • WATCH Motor Development (Toddlers with ASD)

  • Down Syndrome Infant Brain Imaging

  • Infant Brain Imaging Study for Autism Prediction

  • Developmental Coordination Disorder

Other External Research Projects and Collaborations

  • Supporting Teaching of Algebra: Individual Readiness (STAIR)

  • High School Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students' Writing Performance

  • 5E Model Professional Development in Science Education for Special Educators

  • Project SPARK

Key Contacts