SSD Student Surveys

  • Special School District values the academic and personal well-being of our students and prioritizes making data-informed decisions to support their success. In collaboration with Panorama Education, SSD students in grades 3-12 are invited to share their voices through two surveys, a climate survey and a social-emotional learning (SEL) survey. The surveys will be given during the fall and spring of the 2023-24 school year, with the spring survey window being May 6 - 24. 

    The surveys will be administered electronically, but PDF versions can be previewed below.

  • Student Climate - Grades 3-5
  • Student Climate - Grade 6-12
  • SEL - Grades 3-5
  • SEL - Grades 6-12
  • The surveys will capture the perspectives of our students regarding their experiences at school and encourage them to offer feedback specifically about learning, culture and climate, and experience in the classroom and/or school. The surveys take about 5 minutes each to complete. 

    The results from the survey data will provide invaluable insights into our students’ experiences and how we can improve and adapt our teaching to better meet their needs. The survey also provides data that will be used during the Missouri School Improvement Program (MSIP-6) accreditation process. Student survey responses are confidential to ensure student privacy, and will only be utilized by school staff to support our students. Additionally, Panorama Ed’s practices meet all student data privacy requirements.

    For more information, please visit the Panorama Ed website.

    To opt-out a student, please fill out this opt-out form.