SSD Board of Education Meetings

Public Comments

  • The SSD Board of Education welcomes comments from our community. Up to 30 minutes of each meeting is set aside for public comments. The Board of Education values your input and thanks you for your comment.

    The following guidelines will apply to the public comment portion of the meeting:

    • Each comment is limited to three (3) minutes to address any items that are a legitimate part of the business of the Board. No confidential or personnel-related topics are allowed.
    • So that as many different people as possible may speak, time limits will be strictly observed. Unused time will not be yielded to other speakers.
    • Speakers will be invited to the microphone in the order in which their names appear.
    • Comments may be submitted electronically to the Board Secretary at, by noon the day of the meeting. Comments will be read in the order received following comments made in person.
    • The sign-in sheet, any written material, contents of the email, name, email address, and home address must be submitted to the Board Secretary. This will become part of the official public record of the meeting.

    If you have questions regarding this process, please contact Amy Doyle, Secretary to the Board of Education and Custodian of Records.

Upcoming Board of Education Meetings

  • An American Sign Language interpreter will be provided at meetings open to the public.