IEP Meeting Outline

  • While all IEP meetings are unique, they generally follow the same guidelines or agenda. The format of the meeting follows the pages and sections of the official IEP paperwork. Here’s an example of what takes place at the actual meeting:

    1. All of the participants are introduced and listed on the signature page.

    2. The purpose of the meeting is stated.

    3. Parents are asked if they have any questions regarding the Procedural Safeguards.

    4. The parent participation information is incorporated into all steps of the IEP.

    5. Progress is reviewed on current goals and, if required, benchmarks/objectives.

    6. Present Level of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance page is completed.

    7. Special Considerations page is completed.

    8. Goals and Progress Report pages is completed.

    9. After all other parts of the IEP are written, the Services Summary page and Regular Education Participation/Placement/Progress Reporting pages are completed.

    10. If the meeting is an IEP re-evaluation, the appropriate forms and procedures are completed.

    11. The Notice of Action form is completed if the IEP results in a proposed change of placement, change in the type or amount of services, or if a re-evaluation assessment is requested.

    12. The Majority Age Notice is completed if appropriate.

    13. The meeting is concluded by reviewing the student's placement and answering any IEP issues or questions.

    14. Parents are told that they will receive a copy of the IEP within 20 calendar days of the meeting.