Special Education Meeting Planner

  • Even though the input of many people is necessary to create a good educational plan for students with disabilities, meeting with six or more strangers can be overwhelming. It may be helpful to write out the names of each person at the meeting. Use of this meeting planner may help with that task.

    How to use this form:

    • Write the date and purpose of the meeting in the space that represents the table
    • In the spaces marked "participants," put the name and number of the person seated in chair No. 1, etc. Add their title on the next line. If you do not know it, feel free to ask.
    • On the line marked clue, put anything that may help you remember who’s who. For example, “red blouse” or “blond hair.” This will help you recall who said what during the meeting.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.