Supports for Employment

  • recruitment meeting handshake Supports for Employment is intended to provide information to families and educators as they navigate transition planning into the adult world of employment. Although there is a wide diversity of requirements among employers, the information provided is intended to educate students, families and educators about the basic requirements and introduce families and students to the laws that support individuals with disabilities in the workplace.

    For some students leaving high school, the need for supports to locate, acquire, learn and maintain employment is minimal and does not require the specialized services of an adult agency. However, for other students, the process of locating, acquiring, learning and maintaining a job will require various levels of support. Supports may include locating a job that matches the individual’s abilities and interests, interviewing, resume writing and what to wear to the interview as well as supports provided on the job to learn the job (job coaching).

    If you or your IEP team feel that supports will be needed, contacting your local Vocational Rehabilitation counselor is the first step to acquiring the needed help. Families should note that services provided via Vocational Rehabilitation are based on eligibility criteria determined by Vocational Rehabilitation and may be different than those used to receive special education services at your local school district.

Resource Links

  • Local Industry Standards - Skills by Outcome
    This resource document contains a list of “standards” necessary to be successful in various post-school environments. Standards were created by individuals and organizations that work in the St. Louis adult support community, including two-year and four-year colleges, employers and adult agencies.

    Employment Ready Video Series
    This video series was created by various adult agencies within St. Louis County to support families and individuals as they pursue their employment goals.

    ASK JAN is a website dedicated to providing information on reasonable accommodations for various jobs.

    Post-School Supports For Employment
    This website provides information regarding agencies that support employment of adults with disabilities.

    Office for Civil Rights
    The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) ensures equal access to certain health and human services and protects the privacy and security of health information.

    O*NET is a website that provides resources regarding various jobs, skills needed and educational levels needed, as well as information about reasonable accommodations.

Transition Planning By Age

  • Ages 3-5
  • Ages 6-11
  • Ages 12-15
  • Ages 16-21