SSD Fast Facts

    • superintendent working with student One in six public school students in St. Louis County receive special education services or technical education from SSD.

    • SSD staff provide special education services to students in 265 public schools in 22 school districts in St. Louis County.

    • Eighty-seven percent of the students who receive special education services from SSD attend a school in their local school district.

    • SSD provides special education services to all St. Louis County students with disabilities, including those who attend private, parochial and independent schools, those who are home-schooled and those who are homebound for medical or other issues.

    • SSD also provides Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) in the majority of the partner districts.

    • SSD’s unique status as a public school district with its own tax base ensures that students in St. Louis County receive equal access to quality special education regardless of their socio-economic background or the neighborhood in which they live.