Our Partnerships

  • Special School District of St. Louis County is proud to partner with approximately 700 organizations, businesses, universities, associations, and institutions throughout the St. Louis region.  We collaborate with partners in our SSD schools/programs, partner districts, transition department, technical high schools, and our adult education division.  We are always open to exploring new ideas and partnerships that support us in facilitating our students’ success.  

Partnership Opportunities


    Special School District can provide a pool of qualified candidates, guidance in assessing the skill level of candidates as well as information on tax credits and other benefits available to businesses who hire individuals with disabilities. 

    For more information, please reach out to Casey Wisdom, SSD’s Director of Transition Services.

    The Job Accommodation Network (JAN) may also be a helpful resource to organizations wishing to create a more inclusive workplace.

Interested in Partnering With SSD?

  • If you’d like to explore a collaboration with SSD, please fill out this form, and we will be in touch. We are open to your ideas and look forward to speaking to you!

Graphic representation of list of partnership forms