Homebound Staff Resources

  • The resources on this page are intended for use by SSD staff and employees in SSD's partner school districts.

    If you are a family member seeking information about obtaining homebound services for a student, please contact Karen Whelan at kswhelan@ssdmo.org or 314.989.8383, or Kari Farless at krinkus@ssdmo.org or 314.989.8433.

Homebound Application

  • The application is a five-part PDF document that can be downloaded and saved to your computer, filled out and submitted electronically. Repeating fields on Parts 3-5 will be auto-filled if you complete the document on your computer.

    Submit the application and supporting documents electronically by attaching them to an email to homebound@ssdmo.org or faxing to 314.989.8425.

Homebound Information