• Course Description

    Choosing your major will be easy after this fun and engaging Career Exploration class designed just for sophomores. Over the course of one or two semesters, you will explore up to 6 career clusters while being introduced to the majors available to you in 11th grade. Explore through hands-on projects, exciting activities, and shadowing experiences to discover the program that fits your interests and aspirations.

  • Prerequisites at the Time of Application

    • Sophomore Year, Semester 1 - Minimum of 1.5 core credits, on track to graduate (must have minimum of 3 core, of which 1 is Comm Arts, by the time program begins)
  • Credits & Certifications Offered

    High School Credit
    • 1.5 CTE per semester*
    *College credit and certification are not guaranteed. Their attainment is dependent on student performance in both the course and on external industry assessments. All certifications are through external agencies and the accommodations permitted will vary from assessment to assessment. Additionally, students must participate in the full two years of the program to be potentially eligible for all certifications listed.
  • How Will My Time Be Spent? 

    Program Year Classroom Time Lab Time
    CTE Year One 51% or more 49% or less
  • Tech is Real World Learning

    Tools & Equipment

    All equipment will require a safety test prior to use.

    • Personal protective equipment
    • Students in this program will work with a variety of tools and equipment as they are introduced to our career and technical programs. Because this exploration will involve several career areas, please review the lists for all programs.

    Academic Materials

    • Will vary depending on career cluster, but may include technical manuals, text books, computer programs, and other academic tools

    Uniform Requirements

    • May vary depending on program cluster choice or assigned cluster
    • Safety glasses must be worn at all time in the lab space
  • Essential Skills Needed for Success

    Students learn the entry level skills necessary to prepare for post-secondary education and the highly competitive world of work. Traditionally, successful students have mastered the processing and/or physical skills listed below prior to enrollment.

    Core Essential Skills

    • Have an awareness of personal safety in the shop, adhere to safety procedures and assume personal responsibility
    • Work individually and in groups
    • Understand written sentences and paragraphs in work related documents (technical writing)
    • Understand and use basic math computations; including percentages, fractions, decimals, rulers and standard units of measurement
    • Basic working knowledge of hand and power tools
    • Manage own time and the time of others
    • Follow both written and oral instructions
    • Communicate information effectively with peers and instructor
    • Accept constructive criticism and react in an appropriate manner
    • Have a working knowledge of computers and their usage
    • Follow and complete multi-step directions
    • Ability to independently navigate the building to transition between two or more classes a day
    • Make precisely coordinated movements of the fingers of one or both hands to grasp, manipulate, or assemble very small objects
    • Perform physically demanding tasks; lift and move heavy objects
    • Stand for extended periods of time
    • Sit at a computer for extended periods of time
    • Tolerate the noise levels and smells of a variety of shop environments
    • Additional skills may vary depending on program cluster choice or assigned cluster

    For a complete list of essential skills please review the Course Overview Guide.

  • Career Exploration Staff

    Andee Champion Andee Champion
    Human Services
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    Ms. Champion joined North Tech in 2008 as a fashion design instructor. After eight years of fittings and fashion shows, she transferred to the career exploration program where she enjoys introducing sophomores to the law enforcement, early childhood education, cosmetology, and fashion design programs. She is a graduate of Stephens College.

    Wayne Gerler
    Human Services
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    Mr. Gerler earned his BSBA from the University of Missouri St. Louis in 1983. He began his food service career as a general manager for Casa Gallardo for ten years, then with Cracker Barrel for 19+ years. After 30 years of dedication to the industry but requiring work every weekend and holiday, Mr. Gerler found a more family-friendly and rewarding career in teaching.

    Jill Hadley
    Graphic Design/Fashion
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    Ms. Hadley joined the North and SouthTech High School teams in 2019. She started her career as a corporate trainer in 1990. She was a technical writer and systems engineer before moving to St. Louis. Since being in St. Louis, she has been an entrepreneur and taught adult education for 14 years, both online and in the classroom. Ms. Hadley holds her bachelor's in computer science education from Miami of Ohio. In her spare time, she enjoys playing games and going to Six Flags.

    Jeanne Robinson

    Jeanne Robinson
    Business & Information Technology
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    Ms. Jeanne Robinson has a bachelor’s degree in business education from the University of Missouri with certification in business ed and vocational ed and a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Columbia College, Columbia, MO. She also has a master’s degree in information technology. Prior to joining the North Tech team, Ms. Robinson worked as the administrative assistant to the director of logistics for the U.S. Army Aviation and Troop Command.

    Kimberly Slaughter
    Health Sciences
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    Ted Stanfield

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    Andrius Stevenson
    Transportation & Sophomore Exploration

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