This is Early Childhood Education

  • Course Description

    Students become teachers in our certified preschools as they research, create, and implement lesson plans while learning effective preschool teaching techniques. Upon graduation, students will have a portfolio of work to present to colleges and/or employers along with early childhood certifications.

  • Prerequisites at the Time of Junior Year Enrollment

    Minimum of 7 core credits (1.5 must be English); on track to graduate

  • Credits & Certifications Offered

    High School Credit
    • 3 CTE Year One
    • 2.5 CTE, .5 Psychology Year Two

    College Credit

    • St. Louis Community College - 6 credits


    • American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences (AAFCS) - Early Childhood Certification
    • CPR Certification
    • First Aid Certification
    • ServSafe Food Handler Certification

    *College credit and certification are not guaranteed. Their attainment is dependent on student performance in both the course and on external industry assessments. All certifications are through external agencies and the accommodations permitted will vary from assessment to assessment. Additionally, students must participate in the full two years of the program to be potentially eligible for all certifications listed.
  • How Will My Time Be Spent? 

    Program Year Classroom Time Lab Time
    CTE Year One 26%-50% 51%-75%
    CTE Year Two 26%-50% 51%-75%
  • Tech is Real World Learning

    Students in this program learn through the use of a variety of industry grade tools and equipment and texts. Their real world labs also require uniforms and personal protective equipment.

    Tools & Equipment

    • Chromebooks
    • Google Classroom
    • Kitchen equipment
    • Lesson plan books
    • Portfolio
    • Art supplies

    Academic Materials

    • Working With Young Children, 2016
    • Google Classroom, scholarly articles and lesson planning tools

    Uniform Requirements

    • Closed-toe, flat shoes
    • South Tech ECC t-shirt and/or hoodie sweatshirt (unaltered) with shirt long enough to tuck in
    • Solid color jeans or cotton long pants without tears, holes or fraying edges
  • Essential Skills Needed for Success

    Students learn the entry level skills necessary to prepare for post-secondary education and the highly competitive world of work. Traditionally, successful students have mastered the processing and/or physical skills listed below prior to enrollment.

    Core Essential Skills

    • Read human behavior and make safe choices; must be able to follow all safety rules and assume personal responsibility; patience and tolerance of children and their behaviors

    • Remain professional in a high stress environment

    • Control temper and regulate emotions in high stress situations

    • Empathy and ability to expression compassion

    • Critical thinking: reading and analyzing text, articles, etc at a postsecondary level

    • Creativity and the ability to think outside the box to come up with new ideas or solutions to problems

    • Work individually and in groups; positive and professional attitude

    • Tolerate the noise level and smells of a early childcare education environment

    • Able to climb, lift, bend down, sit on the floor and handle taxing physical activity; including high places, small spaces, extreme temperatures, and dirty environments

    For a complete list of essential skills please review the Course Overview Guide.

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