• Course Description

    Students begin their post-secondary training while in high school in this exclusive apprenticeship. While learning to install hardwood, vinyl, carpet, and ceramic flooring students earn credit that can also lead to an associate’s degree shortly after high school graduation. Paid summer internships with licensed contractors are also available.

  • Prerequisites at the Time of Senior Year Enrollment

    Minimum of 11 core credits (2.5 must be English), completion of Construction Innovations or previous construction-related coursework, on track to graduate

  • Credits & Certifications Offered

    High School Credit
    • 3 CTE Year One

    College Credit

    • U.S. Department of Labor Journey Level Certificate – Students completing the program will be able to articulate this certificate into college credit with Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana. With an additional 15 hours/5 courses, the student will earn an Associates Degree in Applied Science.


    • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) – 10 hour Construction Industry Certification
    • CPR
    *College credit and certification are not guaranteed. Their attainment is dependent on student performance in both the course and on external industry assessments. All certifications are through external agencies and the accommodations permitted will vary from assessment to assessment. Additionally, students must participate in the full two years of the program to be potentially eligible for all certifications listed.
  • How Will My Time Be Spent? 

    Program Year Classroom Time Lab Time
    CTE Year One 25% or less 76% or more
  • Tech is Real World Learning

    Students in this program learn through the use of a variety of industry grade tools and equipment and texts. Their real world labs also require uniforms and personal protective equipment.

    Tools & Equipment

    • Personal protective equipment
    • Hand tools
    • Power tools
    • Pneumatic nailers
    • Cutting tools
    • Hardwood flooring
    • Carpet
    • Ceramic tile
    • Vinyl flooring
    • Sanders
    • Grinders

    Academic Materials

    • Carpenters International Training Fund textbook series

    Uniform Requirements

    • Work boots that cover the ankle, white carpenter's or painter's denim pants and a cotton shirt with sleeves
    • Safety glasses must be worn at all times in the lab space
  • Essential Skills Needed for Success

    Students learn the entry level skills necessary to prepare for post-secondary education and the highly competitive world of work. Traditionally, successful students have mastered the processing and/or physical skills listed below prior to enrollment.

    Core Essential Skills

    • Understand and use basic math computations; including percentages, fractions, decimals, rulers and standard units of measurement

    • Demonstrate familiarity with tools

    • Read, understand, and follow multi-step instructions independently; both written and orally

    • Have an awareness of personal safety in the shop, adhere to safety procedures and assume personal responsibility

    • Willing to accept feedback and constructive criticism

    • Take the initiative; perform tasks without having to be told; complete tasks in a timely manner

    • Communicate information effectively with peers and instructors

    • Stand or move for extended periods of time

    • Able to climb, lift and carry objects of 50 pounds or more, and handle taxing physical activity

    • Tolerate a construction environment which includes high places, small spaces, extreme temperatures, dirty spaces, loud noises, and a variety of construction-related smells

    For a complete list of essential skills please review the Course Overview Guide.

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