Principal's Welcome

  • It is our pleasure to offer the students of Saint Louis County an opportunity to engage in valuable Career and Technical Training. The education you will receive at South Tech can pave the way to a successful, meaningful, and valuable future in the demanding and lucrative field of your choice. It is the mission of South Tech to collaborate with our partner districts to provide technical education designed to ensure the student’s successful contribution to our community. This is accomplished by improving literacy and numeracy, instructional practice, and cooperation.

    We find that our most successful students are able to build a solid educational foundation by focusing on the “Three E’s”. Experience, Explore and Excel are common words used in the South Tech Vocabulary. To me Experience means to be open to learning methods and skills that will deepen your knowledge and create a foundation for a successful career. Explore means to engage in as many opportunities as you can to develop yourself as an experienced and elite member of your trade. Finally, Excel in your craft as a student by committing to excellence in attendance, attitude, and effort. These characteristics, historically, are the building blocks to a firm foundation as a successful student at South Tech.

    I hope that you will find South Tech to be a premier Career and Technical Center. We value the partnership we have with our sending schools and parents in our student’s successful futures. To meet our own high expectations it is essential to maintain the highest level of communication with all of our stakeholders. We invite you to regularly communicate with both the front office staff and teachers regarding your student’s educational experience.

    Attending South Technical High School is an early step students can make in defining their future. It brings me great joy to know that our kids may very well be a step ahead of their classmates that choose a different path. Whether you enter the workforce, attend a technical or vocational college, or pursue a multi year and level degree, you have already chosen success. I am proud to have the opportunity to be your principal and wish you the best in your journey.