Board of Education

  • Katie Pottroff

    Ms. Katie Pottroff, Board President

    (Current Term: 2022-2025)

    Katie Pottroff was elected to the SSD Board of Education in 2019 and serves her home district, Parkway, as Director of Subdistrict 3. Pottroff became vice president in 2021 and was inspired to serve by her son, Tommy, who attends Neuwoehner High School. Pottroff and her husband have two children and relocated to St. Louis from Illinois on the recommendation of a family member as they sought support for Tommy. Pottroff's work outside the home is focused on volunteerism in schools, their community, and as a Girl Scout Troop leader. 
    "I wanted to be in a position that allowed me to support him (Tommy) and other students with special needs."

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  • Meredith Byers

    Dr. Meredith Byers, Board Vice President

    (Current Term: 2021-2024)

    Meredith Byers was elected to the SSD Board of Education in March 2021 and represents Subdistrict 5, which includes Brentwood, Kirkwood, Lindbergh, Valley Park, and Webster Groves school districts. She works as a diagnostic radiologist and is an active volunteer in the Kirkwood School District, including serving on the district’s Health Advisory Council and educational equity and wellness committees. She and her husband have three children who attend public schools and have received services from SSD. Her public service mindset and her personal experience with the impact SSD's early intervention had on her own children's success inspired her to serve.

    "Our job as Board members is to listen and advocate for SSD’s families and staff. We encourage them to tell us what’s on their mind so we can understand their concerns."

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  • yuval asnerDr. Yuval Asner, Director

    (Current Term: 2023-2026)

    Yuval Asner was elected to the SSD Board of Education in 2020 and serves Subdistrict 7, comprised of the Clayton and Rockwood school districts. Asner, a child and adolescent psychiatrist, works in his own medical practice at Mercy Clinic. He completed residencies in psychiatry and child and adolescent psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Hospital and is a member of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP). Asner was inspired to join the SSD Board when he began practicing in the region and realized how transformative and impactful the District's services could be for his patients and the community at large. Asner lives with his wife and their two children in the Rockwood district. The family enjoys time together outdoors, reading, and participating in Cub Scouts.

    "I don't think there is anything like SSD in the entire country. To truly understand kids and the community, we must understand their needs."

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  • dan cuneo

    Dr. Dan Cuneo, Board Director

    (Current Term: 2023-2026)

    Dan Cuneo began his tenure as the Subdistrict 2 representative when he was elected to the Board in 2000. Cuneo serves the Affton, Bayless, Hancock Place, and Mehlville school districts and was elected Board President in 2021. Cuneo works as a clinical psychologist for the judicial districts of southern Illinois and some federal agencies. He periodically teaches mental health at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville School of Medicine, Northwestern University, and the University of Illinois - Chicago. He and his wife of 47 years are proud parents to two adult children and are grandparents as well. A native of St. Louis, Cuneo and his family all reside in the area.
    "We've done some great work in SSD over the last 20 years. The District has come a long way, and we're still getting better. I'm proud of that."

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  • Curtis Faulkner

    Mr. Curtis Faulkner, Director

    (Current Term: 2020-2023)

    Curtis Faulkner was elected to the SSD Board of Education in 2018 and represents Subdistrict 1, which includes Hazelwood, Maplewood-Richmond Heights, and Jennings school districts. He brings 70 combined years of experience in education, politics, and entertainment to the role and has served on a variety of committees for Hazelwood. Faulkner and his wife have two adult daughters and reside in North County. A native of Texas, Faulkner moved to St. Louis in 1996 and soon after became an advocate for his adopted community.

    "I became fully vested in the Civil Rights movement. Everything I did from that point on was aimed at how we progress toward the objective of equality."

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  • Tiffany Hudson

    Ms. Tiffany Hudson, Director

    (Current Term: 2021-2024)

    Tiffany Hudson was elected to the SSD Board of Education in March 2021 and represents Subdistrict 6, which includes Ladue, Normandy, Ritenour, and University City school districts. Hudson, a North County native, works as a non-profit communications consultant and is a busy Mom raising three teenage sons. Her youngest attends Litzsinger school. When she has time between cheering her eldest on at Clayton football games, she might treat herself to dinner at El Indio or a good book.

    "I've been working with SSD as a parent since my son was three...I bring my perspective as a parent to the Board based on my experiences..."

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  • scott moeller

    Mr. Scott Moeller, Director

    (Current Term: 2022-2025)

    Scott Moeller was elected to the SSD Board of Education in March 2021 as the Board Director for Subdistrict 4, representing the Ferguson-Florissant, Pattonville, and Riverview Gardens school districts. A resident of the Pattonville School District, where he and his wife are raising 3 children, he teaches social studies at Parkway North High School and has worked alongside SSD teachers throughout his career. As a Peace Corps alum, he was drawn to issues of social injustice and its presence and impact throughout history. He brings this passion and perspective to his work as a director while channeling his father's influence as a former school board president who valued moderation, civility, and decency.

    "Connecting (my) experience with what I describe as the regional reach of SSD is very gratifying. It's also very exciting to be able to support our staff and help them do their jobs better."

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  • Communicating with the Board

    Messages submitted to the SSD Board of Education will be addressed by the superintendent and other appropriate staff members. This does not mean that staff and public messages are not of interest to the Board. Rather, we believe that most messages can be dealt with most effectively and efficiently when handled by appropriate staff, on a more personal level, in accordance with Board policy. Administrative staff will report back to the Board on the resolution of submitted comments and questions.