About Referrals

  • Child talking to a counselor Students may be referred for social work services by parents, staff, majority-age students, Partner District staff and/or the IEP team.  In addition to the staff assigned to SSD buildings, school social workers are also available to the resource, self-contained, SNAP and homebound population.  They are assigned geographically by region and school district and report directly to an assigned Area Coordinator or Principal.  They also receive technical support from an assigned Effective Practice Specialist who is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  For initial referrals only, a Request for Social Work Services form will be completed electronically and then forwarded to the Social Worker.

    It is the social worker’s responsibility upon receiving the referral to determine the primary area of concern and conduct an initial assessment to determine if they are appropriate and what type of social service interventions  (i.e. direct and/or consult) would be most beneficial.  Social work services may also be requested via the IEP with the social worker being present to assist in determining the appropriate type and level of service.  When the IEP Team determines that direct social work counseling is necessary or appropriate then, IEP goals and objectives are written by the Social Worker in collaboration with the IEP team.  Supports for School Personnel are indicated in the Present Level of the IEP and examples can include but are not limited to…

    • Short term Crisis Intervention/Abuse and Neglect
    • Addressing Barriers to Learning (i.e. basic hygiene, hunger, utility assistance, etc.)
    • Consult with school team
    • Assistance with situational issues (i.e. divorce, death, disaster relief, etc.)
    • Attendance concerns
    • Contact an outside agency with release from parent/guardian.
    • Parent education regarding disability