Website Accessibility

  • Thank you for visiting Special School District’s website and reviewing our website accessibility statement. Every effort has been made to create a site that is easy to use, informative, attractive and yet fully accessible regardless of ability, browser level or connection speed.

    Accessibility features include small graphic files with alternative tags, common-sense information for links and forms, and a consistent page design and navigation scheme. Adobe’s PDF format is used for some files on this site. Click here to download a free PDF viewer from Adobe.

    SSD utilizes Blackboard Ally to review website content and ensure that it meets accessibility guidelines. This tool also allows website users to download documents in a variety of alternative formats.

    In order to make this website available to as many of our patrons as possible, we need your help. SSD welcomes comments on how to improve the site’s accessibility. If you find a problem that prevents access to any of the pages in this website, please contact the SSD Communications Department at Please include contact information and as many details as possible so that we can identify the problem and work to resolve it.