Anthony Bergmann

  • Anthony Bergmann Anthony Bergmann is a senior in the auto body repair program at SSD’s South Technical High School. Around the shop, though, he’s known as Shop Boss.

    “That name, Shop Boss, was given by his classmates,” instructor Ken Neuman said. “I didn’t give him that name; he earned that from them.”

    Anthony, who also attends Mehlville High School,is a leader in his second year in the auto body repair program. He’s the one that Neuman knows will volunteer for a new project. He’s the one on whom the other students in the class know they can depend. That’s why Neuman nominated him for a Rosemary Zander Award.

    “He’s earned my respect and their respect because of his work ethic and his eagerness to learn,” Neuman said.

    Neuman said what also makes Anthony stand out is expectations that he sets for himself.

    “He’ll only volunteer for a project if he knows that he can do a good job on that project. Any time he takes on a task, he expects to do a nice job,” Neuman said.

    “I like to let individuals know when they do stand out in a group,” Neuman added. “Anthony is the first one to arrive and the last one to leave and has made himself a leader in this class.”

    As the Shop Boss wraps up another task, he’s already set his sights on the next project.