Morgan Coerver

  • Morgan Coerver As Morgan Coerver’s fifth-grade year began at Rogers Elementary School in the Mehlville School District, she set a personal goal. She wanted to be reading on grade level with her classmates before the end of the year.

    Morgan began receiving SSD services in the area of reading two years ago. As she began her final year of elementary school, she was still reading two grade levels below her peers and also needed to prepare for the transition to middle school.

    “We worked four days per week for an hour each morning,” Morgan’s SSD teacher, Tammy Blust, said. “In just four months, she moved up two-and-a-half grade levels and was reading at a fifth-grade level,” she said.

    In recognition of this outstanding growth, Blust nominated Morgan for the Rosemary Zander Award.

    Blust is the first to say that Morgan’s growth is a product of her own commitment to learning.

    “She has taken ownership of her education,” Blust said. “I can give her all of the instruction in the world, but she takes it out of the classroom and works on her reading every evening.”

    Morgan takes great pride in seeing her progress, but she’s also quick to encourage her peers.

    “She is proud, but modest,” Blust said. “When other students see how much she’s grown, she’s quick to say, ‘You can do it, too!’”