Halle Ezell

  • Halle Ezell “We call her Zippy,” South Technical High School law enforcement program instructor Sue Gibbons said. “Because she’s super-fast!”

    Halle Ezell, a senior at Oakville High School in the Mehlville School District and in South Tech’s law enforcement program, is very fast and very busy. 

    Halle is a leader in the law enforcement program, a member of the National Honor Society at Oakville High School and the National Technical Honor Society at South Tech, and seeks out volunteer opportunities in her community and abroad.

    “She shows a maturity that really doesn’t match with her age,” Gibbons said. “That’s a compliment.”

    Halle is also a leader in her class, volunteering to be editor of the class newspaper and producing a law enforcement appreciation video. She participates in the Diversity Awareness Partnership—an anti-bias program that partners high school students with local businesses to address diversity.

    “She has a great attitude, and can talk to anybody she meets,” Gibbons said.

    She’s an all-conference soccer player, volunteers with Special Olympics and the Ronald McDonald House, and is active in SPENSA—the Special Needs Soccer Association.

    “You can tell she’s ambitious and goal driven,” Gibbons said.

    In recognition of her dedication to her schools and her community, Halle Ezell is a Rosemary Zander Award winner.