Alaysa Frasca Creech

  • Alaysa Frasca Creech When it comes to having a special gift in working with students who have disabilities, Alaysa Frasca Creech, a senior at Parkway West High School in Parkway Schools who receives services from SSD, comes to mind.

    “Alaysa is a huge advocate for inclusion and acceptance,” said Karen Grayheck, SSD paraprofessional at Parkway West and Alaysa’s Rosemary Zander nominator. “She is a proponent of anti-bullying campaigns both inside and outside school.”

    Alaysa is active in her community, including volunteering as a counselor at Camp Circle Star, which serves youth with disabilities. She assisted in fundraising for the organization for three years.

    Additionally, Alaysa was instrumental in creating calming boxes at Parkway West for any student to use when experiencing anxiety. The boxes were requested by classrooms, counselors and principals.

    “I am proud to have witnessed the metamorphosis of Alaysa and to see firsthand how she has made an impact in our community and society,” said Grayheck. “She is a true and dedicated leader and a force to be reckoned with in her zero tolerance of bullying and her advocacy for those with disabilities.”