Madelynn Miller

  • Madelynn Miller Hard work and determination have helped Madelynn Miller, a senior at Rockwood Summit High School in the Rockwood School District, stretch beyond her comfort zone to be fully immersed in her school and community.

    “Maddie has consistently poured her highest effort into accomplishing all of her goals and exceeding every expectation, while always maintaining an outstanding, positive attitude,” said SSD teacher and Rosemary Zander Award nominator Karen Droege. “She has made tremendous progress in every area. But her achievements in extracurricular activities and vocational training and employment are the most remarkable and are what truly distinguish her from her peers.”

    Maddie has served as the manager of the varsity softball team for several years and was recognized by the team with the Rockwood Summit Softball Falcons Super Fan Award.

    She has also been a member of the Rockwood Summit choir for four years, a member of the Best Buddies program, and she helped plan a basketball event with another high school. This allowed her to combine her passion for sports, teamwork, leadership and service.

    “Maddie’s experience, responsibilities and leadership in her community service and extracurricular activities were excellent preparation for vocational training and, ultimately, employment,” said Droege.

    Additionally, Maddie was hired as the Bugs Bunny character at Six Flags and was recognized for her services at a celebration banquet at the park with her family.

    “I am truly in awe of Maddie’s progress during her high school career,” said Droege. “She set lofty goals for herself and worked diligently to accomplish them. She discovered her strengths and challenges and how to use those to connect with teams, clubs, activities and jobs that she could call her own. She inspires me to dream big dreams for all of my students.”