Ryan Wernig

  • Ryan Wernig Ryan Wernig always puts his best foot forward inside and outside of the classroom, and his efforts have helped him grow into a leader in the Neuwoehner High School community.

    When Ryan first came to Neuwoehner, he had trouble getting along with other students and engaged in behaviors that made it difficult for him to achieve success. But that all changed once he decided he did not want to continue down that path, said SSD physical therapist Laurie Dahle, who nominated Ryan for the Rosemary Zander Award along with Neuwoehner teacher Pat Kohn.

    Now a senior at Neuwoehner, Ryan can frequently be seen in the school’s hallways and classrooms offering support to fellow students and staff. He has taken an active role in planning and implementing group activities for Neuwoehner’s boot camp program.

    “He loves to help other students who have more significant needs and is very patient with them as he teaches them new skills,” said Dahle. “He gets to know the individual so that he can learn what they like and how he can best engage them in various school activities.”

    Ryan has also worked hard to plan for his future, learning the skills necessary to gain successful employment by practicing job skills at school and work sites. In addition to the classes he attends at Neuwoehner, he works at Schnucks with a job coach so that he can continue to improve his employability skills.

    “There is no doubt that Ryan will be a success in life as he has all the characteristics needed to not only be a good employee but also a really good person,” said Dahle. “Ryan is caring, hardworking, persistent, willing to learn, and selfless when it comes to making time for others.”