2020 Lasting Impression Award Winners

  • SSD honors other dedicated individuals within the district through the Lasting Impression Award. Created in 2006, it is awarded to SSD support staff who make a difference in the lives of students both within and outside the classroom.

    • Anna Davis
      Social Worker, Neuwoehner High School, SSD
    • Lisa Finder
      Speech-Language Pathologist,
      Kellison Elementary School, Rockwood School District
    • Kathy Georgen
      Special Olympics Clerk, SSD
    • Candace Hickerson
      Orientation and Mobility Specialist, Countywide, SSD
    • Janet Matthew
      Speech-Language Pathologist, Litzsinger School, SSD
    • Richard Stephens
      Bus Driver, SSD
    • Debra Trout
      Nurse, Litzsinger School, SSD
    • Lauren Walls
      Speech-Language Pathologist,
      Brown Elementary School, Hazelwood School District
    • Jane Walsh
      Social Worker, Normandy High School, Normandy School District
    • Robyn Weilbacher
      Speech-Language Pathologist,
      Instructional Service Center, Parkway Schools
    • Casey Wisdom
      Director of Transition Services, SSD